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Very cute. I liked the secret dog. Lanky doggos are best doggos. A+

this was a very enjoyable demo , you are awesome just like this little game and also here is me petting said doggos  

Loved this game sooo mmuch! show some support and how weird I was during this game haha

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I love animals but sadly don't have a dog in real life, so this was perfect. The controls are via keyboard and mouse (I used my laptop trackpad and arrow keys); there is no controller support as far as I could tell. The graphics are nicely done, and the blockiness is part of the charm. There is a scoring system for petting the dogs, and because of my OCD I felt compelled to keep going until I reached 100 on the first dog, and then of course I had to get a score of 100 for each dog after him, lol.  This is such a lovely, wholesome demo and well worth playing. Thank you very much, and my best wishes to the developers.



This game is so lovely and pleasant to play! I am actually happy to know that this is only a demo and may have more things in the future! Thank you for making such a sweet little game :D

such a lovely game ! it was the perfect ending to my video about dog games !

I really hope you're still working on it !

here's my video btw:

I can't wait for an update!


This was short, but fun. Despite being low poly, everything was designed well enough that it was easy to tell what everything was, even down to the dog breeds. That's a good quality, since some people would have just made blocky...things moving around, heh.

I know it's been a year since it was released, but I am still curious what will come of the game if worked on more. A bigger park maybe? Or unlockable different parks. Perhaps hats for the dogs, just for fun.


A dog petting simulator you say? Hrm. All I can say is: OMG yes finally!

This is the game the world has been waiting for!

Did a lets play of this adorable little game of yours <3 did some cover art for it too!


Hey, I wrote a review of this game, here's an excerpt:

...Dog Petting Simulator is a great way to relieve anxiety, especially for dog-lovers. It provides a relaxing experience, that emphasises the simple pleasure of interacting with dogs in a natural environment. The stylisation and simple geometry of the art assets gives it a sense of childlike wonder, like a children's book for adults...

The rest is here.

As someone who adores animals, especially dogs. This game is what I live for. Thank you for making it. I only played it for like two minutes because then my mac died, but believe me those were one of the best two minutes of my life. This game is so calming and oh gosh I love petting dogs irl and now I can just do it in the comfort of my own room lmaooo. 10/10 would play again.

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My friend sent this to me as what I believe was supposed to be a troll. I recorded it. That'll show em! I thought it was an interesting little game. I had a good time recording it...I still wish I could punt that little

Those edits were me trying to figure out how to embed the video. ;-;

I did a video on it!! I know it is just a demo and makes for a very short video! but man I made some funny jokes in this, and did the editing justice since the game was so short, sweet, simple but fun :) I recommend others playing it too, and checking out my video as an example if you want to XD

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Played it, loved it!

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Had to play this game. xD Please keep working on this because it has a lot of potential.

Here's my playthrough:

Cool little game bro, i just wished there was more, but for what it is i really enjoyed it :D